Monday, March 29, 2010

Utah Deal Diva

I recently started following Utah Deal Diva. I found the link on my sister Jessi's blog, and thought what the heck I would check it out. I absolutely love it. I have been trying to figure out ways to save money on groceries, and this site helps a ton. I also found some other links on this website. I was really interested by the link to Nicole Photography. She is holding a contest to give away a free family portrait session in the Ogden area. We really could use some cute family portraits.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Here is my cute boy the night before his birthday. He is telling me about the presents he wants for his birthday. He has the cutest expressions ever.

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!! March 25, 2008
I can't believe it has already been two years. We have so much fun with Ben and love having him in our family. Ben is such an active little guy, I have a hard time keeping up with him. One thing is sure, he loves his sister and brother. He likes to hold Paul and kiss his head, and has to play with whatever Kaitlyn is playing with. We had a wonderful birthday, full of fun. He loved his presents and loved ripping the paper off of them. He got some more trains and tracks to go with his train table.

Kaitlyn picked out a little Cars puzzle for him.

If you know Ben, his new passion is Toy Story, especially Buzz Lightyear. So of course, we had to get him both Toy Story movies, that he absolutely loves.

But the ultimate present was the Buzz Lightyear doll. It is supposed to be like the doll in the movie. The wings pop out, he has over 65 phrases that he can say, and he comes with a space ship. I tried to get a cute picture of Ben flying Buzz around the house, but Ben was not very cooperative. Anyway, he adores his Buzz doll and it has slept with him for the last two nights.

This is a cute picture of Kaitlyn celebrating for Ben, and of course I had to add one of Paul enjoying the party.

So what does a birthday boy do the day after, he dresses up with big sister and dances around the kitchen. He loves Kaitlyn's Cinderella dress, but this is the first time he has put it on. I sure love these kids, toooooo cute!!!!!!

Finally, Paul wondering what is going on. I could photograph my kids all day long.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Springtime Yet???

my handsome baby Paul

exhausted Ben after a day of playing

helping to water our new fruit trees and plants
trampoline fun!!!!
riding bikes

Having fun at the Dinosaur Park with friends

5 Years and counting...

Friday, March 19th, was our five year anniversary. So much has happened since we were first married. We have three wonderful children, Brandon got hurt at work, we have lost some very special people, and life in general has been crazy. As I look back on the last five years, it has sure been an adventure.
We have had our fair share of trials, but have been immensely blessed with many joys as well. I am so glad that I am married for eternity to Brandon. He is such a great man. He works hard so I can stay home and take care of our precious children, he is a wonderful handy man (our current project is refinishing our wood floors), the kids love him and he loves them, and I know that I am the center of his world. I enjoy watching Ben help him set up the trampoline or sand the floors. It is so cute when Kaitlyn and Brandon snuggle up to watch a princess movie (now that is a great dad)!! He also knows how to pat Paul's back just right to get rid of the bubbles and help him sleep. I feel like such a lucky woman.
As I remember our wedding day, I think of the great happiness and love that I felt. The day was absolutely beautiful. The weather was nice, but it did rain that night. I was really lucky to have my maternal grandfather Heber Robertson seal us in the Ogden Temple. My Grandpa Rob(as everyone called him) passed away in September 2009, I feel truly blessed that he was able to seal us and I miss him dearly.
It was a fun day, full of great food, wonderful family, good friends, and dancing. The funniest part of the reception was when Brandon shoved wedding cake in my mom's face and then she smashed cake in his face. I had a splendid time and am thankful to all the generous people who made my day very special.
For our anniversary, Brandon had to work all day. He had a very long week and was really tired, but still he treated me to a nice dinner. The entire family went to Olive Garden. The food was super delicious and Ben particularly loved the stuffed mushrooms, who knew Ben liked mushrooms-crazy. It was the most I have seen the kids eat in one sitting in a long time. I loved being able to spend the evening with my family. Then, on Saturday, Brandon took me to the store to get my present. He bought me a new Blue-Ray DVD player and New Moon on Blue-Ray. I got him Star Trek (Blue-Ray of course) and a case for the flag from his dad's coffin. We also picked up a couple new movies for the kids. We spent most of the afternoon Sunday watching our new movies and loving the Blue-Ray system. The picture is so amazing. I had a great weekend. I love Brandon more everyday and I really know that love is an action that you must show all the time. I look forward to many more wonderful years, and eternity together!!!