Monday, June 16, 2008


We are really excited to be leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow. We all need a good vacation. Kaitlyn can not wait to ride on an airplane. She has been talking a lot about it the last couple of days. I will try to post pictures of Kaitlyn at the airport in a couple of days. It will be nice to visit Brandon's extended family. I am looking forward to going to his cousins wedding.

We have been doing great. I have been busy getting everything ready for our trip. Of course, Kaitlyn had to help me pack stuff. She got to pick out which clothes to take and put them in the bag. She also help me pick out some new toys and books for the airplane ride.

Ben is as cute as ever. He has started to smile all the time. On Saturday, Brandon even got him to laugh a little. It was the most adorable little cooing sound. He still has such a mellow disposition and is an easy baby.

Stupid insomnia, I better get to bed. Our plane leaves tomorrow night at 10pm.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Last Sunday, while we were at my mom's house for Jeanne's big announcement, Jasmine convinced me to read the Twilight series. On a side note, I am really excited that Jeanne plans to go on a mission and I know she will be amazing. Anyway, it took me a week to read all three books. I loved Twilight, who doesn't enjoy a little vampire love drama. Edward and Bella are both very interesting and engaging characters. New Moon was good, it annoyed me a little in the middle, emotional teenage girls. Eclipse is so far my favorite in the series. I absolutely love the Alice character, she just seems so fun and mischievous. After reading the books, I am now extremely excited for the movie to come out in December. I do not now how I will wait that long. I want to read Host now, and hopefully I will enjoy it as much as Stephenie Meyer's other books.

The kids are doing great. We went to the doctors last week for Kaitlyn's 2 year check-up and Ben's 2 month check-up. Kaitlyn is starting to grow and catch-up to kids her age. Her weight and height are average. She was such a good little trooper when they gave her a shot. She cried for a couple minutes and then when I asked her to be brave for Ben, she stopped crying at once. Ben is a monster and is in the 90th percentile for his height. He weighs almost thirteen pounds now and is getting good at holding his head up. He has started to roll over (he has done it three times on his own), and my doctor said that it is a little early for that, but it is probably because he is so big. He is also starting to smile. Kaitlyn and I love to tickle his feet and see his face light up. Kaitlyn and I call him our handsome boy.

We have just been up to the usual things. We go to the park, play with friends, garden, take walks, read books, and go see airplanes whenever we can. On Saturday, we went to the Ogden Airport to see a B-17. They were letting people pay to ride in it. Kaitlyn loved watching it take off and land so close to us. She also git really excited when she got to touch it, she even had to give it hugs and kisses. It was hard trying to get her to leave, but we all had a great time.