Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful mothers day. On Saturday night, Brandon took me to see X-Men Origins- Wolverine. Brandon's mom Ann watched the kids for us. It has been a long time since we went out in a date or to a movie. It was nice to spend time with my husband without the kids. The movie was pretty good and I enjoyed it. (I think Hugh Jackman is gorgeous so any movie with him is alright in my book.)
On Sunday, before church, I relaxed while Brandon got Kaitlyn and Ben ready for church. At church, I got to teach in Young Women and then teach the Family History class. I think I gave two great lessons. In nursery, Kaitlyn made me a really cute card with flowers on the front. After church, I relaxed some more while Brandon made lunch. I was pretty exhausted from the long week we had just had ( I will explain in another post). I took a nap and snuggled Kaitlyn while we watched a movie. It was a nice relaxing day.

I love Mother's Day and the chance to think about the great blessings that we receive from our mothers. I will try to write some of my feelings about the amazing mothers in my life.

When I heard the word mother, the first person that comes to mind is my wonderful mother Jody. She embodies everything that a mother should be. She is selfless in her love and care for her family. She dropped everything to spend a night in the hospital with me after I had surgery. She got to the hospital to be there with me as my husband was taken to surgey and then helped to care for my children while I spent time at the hospital with him. I know that whenever I call her with a problem she will be there in hurry to help in any way possible. She is constantly taking family members to the doctors and looking after their medical needs. I know she adores all her grandcildren and her grandkids adore her. Kaitlyn pretends to talk to her on the phone all the time. My mother has taught me many lessons on how to be a great mother. I hope I can be as amazing as her.

The next great mother I think of is my wonderful mother-in-law Ann. She was blessed with all boys. She has truly welcomed me into her family and her heart. She treats me like I am her daughter. She also has been there for me during some very difficult times. She watched Kaitlyn for us while I was at the hospital for my surgery and while I was having Ben. She has been there to comfort me and offer me advice during some trials in my life. I love helping her and spending time with her. My kids love her a lot and enjoy hanging out with grandma.

Some of the other great mothers in my life are my sisters. Jessi has taught me how to relax and to not let the little things bother me. She also is an example of patience and understanding. Jayne is a good example of devotion and love. She is raising Alexia to be a kind and generous woman. Jacki, a soon to be mother and I am sure a pretty cool stepmom, is going to be a good mom. She is going to be that fun mom that all the kids want to hang out with. The future mothers, Jeanne and Jasmine are two exceptional women. Jeanne will teach her future children to be stong and faithful people. Jasmine will be great at nurturing and understanding the trials of her future children. I am really blessed to have amazing sisters who teach me how to be a better mother.

I am also blessed to have awesome grandmothers, Norma and Vivian. They are so wise and intelligent. They have taught me a lot over the years. I appreciate the support and kindness they have shown me. I also am thankful that they are always willing to help my family. I have many wonderful aunts and cousins who are examples to me of what a mother should be. I feel lucky to have so many great mothers in my life and now I don't have to space to mention them all.

The last mother I think of is me. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I am a mother to two beautiful children. I want to be the best mother I can be so I can spend eternity with my family. I want to teach Kaitlyn how to be a great mother and I know I can do that by being a great mother. I am a blessed woman.

Kaitlyn's Birthday

I have a ton to catch up on. So I am going to break it up into a couple posts.
First, my adorable Kaitlyn turned three. She had a wonderful party with her friends and cousins. She played and loved all her presents. She loves telling people that she is a big girl now because she is three.

In honor of her birthday, I would like to list the three cutest thing about Kaitlyn.
1. The way she says "I love you this much," while she stretches her arms a wide as she can. Then, she gives me a big hug and a kiss. She is such an affectionate child.
2. How sweet she is to Ben and how she expresses her love her Ben. She is the sweetest big sister in the universe. She loves to tell me when Ben needs something.
3. Kaitlyn is a great friend. She prayers for her friends every night and is so thankful for them and being able to play with them. She is getting better at sharing her toys. She has the cutest personality.

I love this girl and know she is going to be a beautiful woman and a great mother someday.