Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Coke has been sending Brandon to Elko, NV to help out a ton lately. It is nice, they pay for the fuel (give him a company car to drive out there), pay for the hotel, and give him money for food. The manager in Elko loves Brandon and requests that they send him when they need help. The kids and I occasionally tag along, depending on what we have going on when he has to go. We have had some fun times, and some not so fun times during our visit. It is hard for me to be in the hotel room with the kids for long periods of time, so we try to find ways to amuse ourselves. Here are pictures of the kids playing at the hotel. Elko is really a little town, and there was not a lot for the kids and I to do. We did discover the coolest playground. It is huge and has tons of fun things for Ben to climb on, cause we all know how much he loves to climb. The kids really enjoyed it and could have spent several hours there. The kids also had a wonderful time swimming in the hotel pool. We bought some arm floaters and let the kids go. Kaitlyn did really well swimming around the pool. Ben loved to jump in and swim to the stairs. Also, Ben loved sitting in the hot tub. Most of his time was spent in the hot tub, while Kaitlyn was swimming the perimeter of the pool. Paul was not sure what to think of the pool and instead crawled around the outside of the pool, far away from the water (He is going through a phase where he hates to get wet, lets just say that bath time is always eventful.) Sadly, the last time we went the pool was being repaired, so no swimming. Oh well, we still had a fun time.
We will be going to Elko again in a few weeks. Hopefully we can have a great adventure. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


Paul loves to play with balls. He has a new found interest in Ben's basketball hoop, which is nice because Ben has not played with this much. Paul has recently started pulling himself up to stand, I know we are in trouble now. Anyway, the other day I was trying to change his clothes, but he was more interested in crawling away. So, I let him go and he went over to the basketball hoop. Here is what happened:

Is he not the cutest basketball player ever? You are looking at 16 pounds of slam dunking squishy goodness. I adore this little guy. He talks like this all the time. I LOVE IT!!!!

PS. Yes, Ben still gets very jealous of Paul and needed to be in the video too. We love him and his big brother help.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We went to Inkleys and got free Halloween pictures taken. The kids had fun and look soooo cute. I absolutely love Ben's smile in his picture. We had a great Halloween. The kids enjoyed trick-or-treating. Ben had to stop and inspect every piece of candy he was given. It was a little rainy, but we managed. The kids liked jumping in the puddles and were soaked when we finished, oh well. They got a pretty good stash of candy. We put it in the cupboard and occasionally let them have some. I can't deal with sugar crazy kids all day long. just kidding:)
I can't even say how much I adore these kids and how grateful I am to spend everyday with them.