Saturday, August 2, 2008

I hope they call Jeanne on a mission...

I am really excited. Yesterday, my younger sister Jeanne finally received her mission call. She will be going to the Texas Dallas Mission. I think she will have tons of fun in Texas. I know she will be a wonderful missionary. We are all very proud of her.

We are doing okay. Brandon continues to work with his therapists and is doing well. Kaitlyn is so cute and watches carefully over Daddy. She also told me that she has a headache like Daddy, so I need to let her go everywhere with Daddy. Ben is getting even longer. We had his four month check-up on Monday. The doctor said he looks great and is a healthy happy baby. Of course, he was being extremely cute talking to the doctor during the appointment. Ben did good while he got his shots, he only cried when they did the shots. As soon as Mommy picked him up he was good. It was Brandon's first time being there for the shots for either of the kids. He did not like watching the nurse do it. He absolutely hates needles. Oh well, that is what brave mommies are for.