Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It has been a crazy couple of months. We had a great Memorial Day. We got to camp at Brandon's moms trailer in Ogden Canyon. The kids had a great time, we sure love spending time at the trailer. On the way home, we visited several graves. It was nice to got to Logan and see the grave for our dear friend Paul Stockdale. We then stopped to visit Brandon's dads grave. We also went to several other family graves. I like to go to the graves so we can talk about and remember those that we love and miss. Brandon and I told the kids stories and had a really good time.

In June, we were lucky enough to go visit family again. We started our vacation in Minnesota, and spent lots of time with Brandon's extended family. Sarah, Brandon's cousin, got married and it was an amazing day. The wedding was beautiful and it was great to see all the family there. Kaitlyn and Ben had tons of fun dancing and playing. We also went to the Como Zoo in Minneapolis. The kids had fun going on rides. The cutest was when Ben freaked out on a Frog Drop Ride, it was a little to scary for him. We went to Mall of America again. It was to great to visit with the family and I am glad the kids loved the family. I know Paul misses Kim, Brandon's cousin, and all the attention she gave him.

On the way home from Minnesota, we went to Iowa to visit my sister Jayne. I LOVED seeing Jayne, Alexia, and Brian. Jayne and Alexia took us to Nauvoo, Illinois. That is such a beautiful and spiritual place. The temple is breathtaking. It was fun to explore Nauvoo and we got some really neat souvenirs. While in Iowa, we also went swimming. The kids were super cute at the pool, and of course, I got fried. I loved talking with Jayne and watching Ben play with Brian. I had such an awesome time. Nothing beats spending time with people you love. We also learned that Jayne and Brian are moving to Texas. I hope they can sell their house soon. Look out Texas, here comes Alexia!!!!!

For the 4th of July, we of course, were at the trailer. We did go to Huntsville to enjoy the fireworks. The funnest part of the fireworks were all the car alarms that kept going off. It was pretty amusing. We also found out that Paul absolutely loves fireworks. He gets all excited and starts kicking his legs like crazy. We did do some fireworks at the trailer. Ben had fun using the long stick to help Brandon light some of the smaller fireworks. He is also my little fire bug and loves to put wood on the fire. It freaks me out and I have to watch him like a hawk around the fire. I am so grateful for the country that we live in. While I worry about the current situation of our country, I am very PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!! I loved explaining to my kids what it means to me to celebrate the Independence of our nation.

I also celebrated my birthday in July. I went to the pool with some great friends. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. Than that evening, a wonderful friend watched the kids so Brandon could take me on a date. It was wonderful beyond description to get a night off. Brandon took me to see Eclipse. I liked it, and Brandon did too. I had to explain a couple things to him. We also went out to dinner and I ate it without having to share with anyone else, HEAVEN! Thanks Stephanie, you are a lifesaver.

Finally, some other exciting news, my baby sister Jasmine is engaged. YAH!! I am excited for her and happy to welcome Chris into our crazy family. It is a little weird thinking of my baby sister getting married. Just yesterday, she was an annoying little girl that pinched between my fingers. I love her tons and wish her the best.

Anyway, that is pretty much it for now. We are enjoying our summer, spending lots of time outside playing. We play in the pool, jump on the trampoline. the kids ride bikes, and I garden. We also love to go to story time at the library. Ahh, the life of a stay-at-home mom. I LOVE IT!!!!!