Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I am way behind on posting...

Our cute family at the Ogden Temple before it was shut down for remodeling (minus me, I was of course taking the picture).

Our fun little Benjamin turned 3 years old in March.

It was a great day. We took the family to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had lots of fun playing games and riding the rides. He got so fun presents that he really enjoys playing with. He loved a Mater toy, that he got to pick out at the store on his birthday. He loves riding his cool new Cars scooter around the neighborhood. He is pretty good at it too. Also, he got several new puzzles, because Ben sure loves to do his puzzles.

We sure love having Ben in our family. He is one crazy kid. He can be so sweet and loving one second. Then the next second he is ramming people with his head and generally being mean. Ben makes the funniest faces. He is still a very independent kid; getting dressed on his own (most days), putting on his own shoes and coat, climbing to get whatever he wants out of the cupboard, and putting movies in the DVD player all by himself (Blue ray DVDs are so worth it). He is still not to excited about potty training, so I am not pushing it. Ben continues to have speech problems, so we still meet with a speech therapist once a week. He really likes his new speech therapist, John, and thank goodness for that. John is awesome and somehow has the energy to keep up with this kid. He is slowly starting to improve enough that people other than his family can understand what he is saying. Woohoo!!! We sure love Ben and I am so thankful that three years ago Heavenly Father trusted Brandon and me enough to give us this feisty little soul. I am sure He laughs a ton watching us try to figure out how to raise Ben.

Happy Birthday my crazy boy!!!

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